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P4220096We are planning a number of overnight family adventures this summer, but now the season will kick off with Tom’s June 8th departure on an almost cross-country bicycling trip. After years of bicycle touring with the family, riding 100-120 miles a day all by himself for several weeks is quite a change of pace. (Not really, if you consider all his Ironman triathlon training, though.)

The kids and I will be in school and work, while he’s pedaling across the northern United States to our hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. In late June, we’ll take the train past him and set up the finish line in his parents’ driveway. He’ll be using the warmshowers network for touring cyclists, traveling light, and hopefully riding some miles with buddies who live in Montana and Wisconsin, plus his brother in Michigan.

A practice trip a couple weeks ago fine tuned the gear, allowed him to be a warmshowers guest with a great family in Shelton, Washington, and got him remembering what a 110-mile day feels like. On the homefront, we practiced the kids getting up for school without an adult around, everyone shouldering more responsibilities, and my single parenting. A staycation for us, and a dadventure for him. Until summer’s really here and we’re all in the tent together.

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