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Walk This Way

anw-magazine-rpe-logoThe Spring issue of Adventures Northwest magazine came out this week, and I hope my Walk This Way essay inspires people to think about whether they really need to hop into a car to meet a friend or take care of an errand. I was inspired to write about walking after seeing what an important role that simple locomotion played in our semester in Mexico. We walked everywhere and so did almost everyone else. The benefits? Fitness, less environmental impact (no car pollution), and talking – to each other and to neighbors and strangers we saw along our route.

As a family, walking slowed us down, allowed us to take routes no car ever could have managed, and gave us time together. Back home, I’m thankful to live in a walkable area, and look forward to walking along chatting with my kids as we head to the grocery store, go out to rent a video, or return from my daughter’s dance class at a wonderful studio space five blocks away. In fact, she and her friends inspired the parting line in my piece, because I so often see them walking barefoot, even in February and March, before the weather is very warm here. So as I concluded the article:

What if we say, “let’s walk” to each other in town, rather than reserving longer walks for a hike or a backpacking trip? Yes, it will take longer, but we will all be richer for it. And after you have gotten in the habit of walking a few more places this spring, take a lesson from the kids and try it all again. Barefoot.

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