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The Sign for More

mail-3This incredibly cute bicycle traveler is my friend’s son, Alden. Funny how I just wrote a Family Bicycling article, and was remembering my own family wearing out our bike trailer. All the photos of my own kids at that stage aren’t digital – times change.┬áBut I think introducing kids to bicycling at a young age is a timeless good idea.

Think of how much more fun bicycling is for kids then riding a in a car. Kids get to see the world at a pace they can notice the color of leaves or the pedestrian’s fedora. They can smell the blackberries, and lately, apples. They can feel the breeze or the raindrops. They will get smiled and waved at by other people, see their parents modeling fitness and healthy activity, absorb safety lessons about helmets and looking before turning. They will likely be excited about riding their own bike in a few years, and family adventuring by bicycle. Fun and fitness for everyone.

Start young, and you will likely see the sign for more – even literally like Alden is giving it. See him touching his hands together in the American Sign Language sign for “more?”

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