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Did I mention my kids were born two years and ten days apart? That means two birthday celebrations in a very short period at the end of April. And so yes, outdoor adventures have taken a backseat to birthday adventures.

We’ve had a movie marathon overnight (the 13-year-old) and a Redwall Quest involving our very own basement turned into catacombs (many, many cardboard refrigerator boxes). If we can be the house of fun for birthday adventures, I’m hoping we can also attract our kids’ friends and their families to think it would be a world of fun to adventure with us this summer.

We’re thinking a 2-night 3 day bicycling trip and a similar length backpacking trip for folks who have never experienced an outdoor overnight. Usually, I get excited about new places and longer trips, but now I’m also excited about adventuring with people who are new to it all. Have interest and willing to try it? Let us know.

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