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PA301994Last year at this time, we were living in Mexico. It was Halloween at the kids’ school and with American friends, and Dia de los Muertos everywhere else. We had an incredible family adventure, and I find myself thinking back about it a lot lately.

This is Dana and her friend Danae dressed as a squirrel and a fox for their class Halloween play. Their friend Maura was a witch, and I had to check my assumptions when I talked to her mom about costuming. I asked if they wanted to borrow a black shirt, and the response was, “Black? Oh no, a witch is colorful!”

The memories make me homesick for being there, only I’m not sure what you call it when you’re not missing home but another place.PA312082 I think about the school Dia de los Muertos altar, pan muerto (bread of the dead, shaped as a skull), wandering the alters all over town, and the community of remembrance we got to be a part of for awhile.

It was an incredible adventure. You can read more about it in my Traveling Simply blog, if you’d like to stroll through our adventures back when we were making those memories.

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