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P6230314With dad calling in every other day to tell us of his progress across the USA on his solo bike trip, Noah thought of making a “Tom is Here” sticky note and moving it along our wall map of North America. The kids learned that Havre, Montana is said “Haver,” and wondered about all of the town names that are replicating places in other parts of the world, like Malta and Glasgow. He rode through animal-named places like Wolf Point, geographically influenced places like Cut Bank, unusually named places like Brainerd, and famous person-named places like Voltaire.

We love following his trip with the atlas and wall map, but it also makes us a little ancy to get out adventuring too…


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Family adventuring is more fun when the parents take a lesson from their kids and play a little.p1010493 One way we do that is by taking goofy photos. A pose might be inspired by the landscape or architecture Рhave you seen those folks who pretend they are holding up the leaning tower of Pisa? Or we might add drama to a scene by pretending to be falling into a crack in the earth, chased by monsters, or exhibiting oh-my-gosh there-is-something-behind-you faces.

We have a whole series of imitation photos as well. Noah pretending to strut like a turkey next to a turkey crossing sign, for example.

The poses, pretending and imitation are fun in the moment, and sometimes the digital copy of that time is pretty humorous to behold when we’re back home remembering the trip as well.

The kids wouldn’t want to keep adventuring with us if the adventures weren’t fun. Crazy photos are one way to make anywhere fun, help us notice the details of a place, and get us using our imaginations and creativity. Together.

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