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Swim Time

P8070626While I think Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula is rather chilly, my children are in it and then in it some more. We’re camped at water’s edge, so they can swim from our site. And it is incredibly clear water, with beautiful forested hills rising up like we’re in Switzerland.

The kids spent more time sitting on a partially submerged tree and wading than actually swimming, I suppose, but they are getting a lot of water time on these two rest days where we are not pedaling the bicycles at all.

Noah and Dana also got an unexpected playmate, when a childhood friend of Tom’s arrived with his wife and 8-year-old. They didn’t mind the cold water and the whole family went in. P8080630Impressive.

Swim time here is a good reminder that kids look at trips differently. While an adult might define adventuring as the part where we are actually traveling along, they find adventure in every place. Yes, we got here by bicycle, but right now it is simply playing outside. A very good thing, wherever we are.

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