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When I advocate family adventuring, I mean outdoor adventure involving nature. What a surprise it was to apply our outdoor adventuring to an urban setting and find that we all really liked it.

Of course it wasn’t just any city, but Vancouver during the Olympics. Backpack of snacks, clothing layers, and water (just as we’d take hiking) – check. Sense of readiness to play I-Spy-Something-New – check. Willingness to walk many miles – check.

Not many trees did we see, but it was inspiring people-watching. We saw a couple women in Netherlands team jackets, whole families faces painted and dressed in Canadian flags, a juggler in checkerboard pants. We smelled the Olympic cauldron burning, heard spontaneous renditions of the Canadian anthem, felt the chill emanating from the Robson Square outdoor ice rink.

While driving to and from the SkyTrain (public transportation into the city core), the kids noticed the purely Canadian species they’d been exposed to while watching the Olympics on a Canadian television channel, like Tim Horton’s. We didn’t stop there, but we did at Petro Canada to buy some commemorative Olympic glasses. Now we can drink orange juice in glasses adorned with the Olympic inukshuk, and remember how great it was to have the Olympics next door.

Oh wait, they aren’t over yet. We’re ready to get tickets to some Paraolympic events. How could we not want to cheer sledge hockey players, and Paraolympic skiers?

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Olympic Valentines

We are an outdoor adventuring family. We’d rather do than view, so our old television mostly resides in a closet in the basement, occasionally pulled out for use with an old VHS videotape. But with the Olympics happening just over the border from us, we hauled that heavy relic up to the living room and discovered that we can get a Canadian channel that has almost non-stop coverage.

We watched the opening ceremonies (wow!) and played What Country Will Be Next as the alphabetical parade of nations was shown. Who knew that Ghana sent an athlete and that Iran would participate? We’re also liking the Games as covered by Canadians compared to how we imagine they are getting covered by American stations. The Canadian station has commercials for British Columbia, and shows entire heats of long track speed skating when there aren’t even any Canadians in the race.

While I woke up twice in the night thinking sadly of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili who lost his life Friday morning, being more connected to the Olympics is pretty inspiring. Wayne Gretzky carried the torch in the same rain that was falling that night at our house.

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