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My daughter and I journal. My husband writes factual trip notes. My son takes video. Each of us is thinking about what we’re experiencing through these methods, and creating a reference to look through later and bring the experiences back to us.

I have said, “How about just one notebook?” as my daughter packs her bike pannier or backpack. But when I got the answer that she needed two, one for her trip journal and one for writing stories, I just smiled. I have said to my son, “Could you leave the tripod?” as he packs his bike pannier or backpack, and sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it is no.

When packing I try to be weight conscious, but they make the final decisions in notebooks and film equiptment. I love that we have these records of our adventures. My son just managed his footage of our winter road trip into “The Grand Canyon” parts 1 through 5, with rap music tracks added. It certainly brought back memories to view his work. And gave me insight into how he saw our adventures. Write on and film on, I say.

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p7220170On Thursday night, we presented “Seastacks, Sandcastles, and Saints: Bicycling 1500 miles of the Pacific Coast with Kids,” through our town’s bicycle travelogue series. Not only did we get to relive our trip while preparing the photos and getting our information together, we got to inspire the 60-some people who came. At least they seemed inspired when asking questions afterwards!

For me, another terrific benefit was hearing the kids speak about their experiences. They each took a couple areas, like elephant seals or the Redwoods, and added their perspective as well as what they learned. It was a series of proud parenting moments to hear my daughter telling everyone about why elephant seals have big noses and what she was thinking about while building a particular sandcastle. Likewise, when my son explained how it felt to bicycle the Avenue of the Giants among those huge trees, and how he got to see a hammerhead shark at the Monteray Bay aquarium.

If you ever have a chance to relive an adventure in this way, do it. Presenting to inspire others is a worthy contribution, and revisiting your trip helps you learn something new about the experience. I learned from my kids during our presentation, and they learned about how to speak in front of a group. The adults did more of the speaking, but the kids made the trip – and the show.

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Family adventuring is more fun when the parents take a lesson from their kids and play a little.p1010493 One way we do that is by taking goofy photos. A pose might be inspired by the landscape or architecture Рhave you seen those folks who pretend they are holding up the leaning tower of Pisa? Or we might add drama to a scene by pretending to be falling into a crack in the earth, chased by monsters, or exhibiting oh-my-gosh there-is-something-behind-you faces.

We have a whole series of imitation photos as well. Noah pretending to strut like a turkey next to a turkey crossing sign, for example.

The poses, pretending and imitation are fun in the moment, and sometimes the digital copy of that time is pretty humorous to behold when we’re back home remembering the trip as well.

The kids wouldn’t want to keep adventuring with us if the adventures weren’t fun. Crazy photos are one way to make anywhere fun, help us notice the details of a place, and get us using our imaginations and creativity. Together.

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