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p7220167I once wrote about winter being the time our family does trip planning, in an article for Adventures Northwest magazine called Backpacking? Bicycling? Kayaking? An Active Family Thinks Ahead to Summer. We find it fun to look at maps, get trip ideas from books, magazines and talking to friends, revisit past trips we loved, and discuss it all in preparation for summer trips.

When I asked the kids where they’d like to bicycle this coming summer, they each said, “Let’s do the Pacific Coast again!” While I love that they had a great time on our 6-week adventure last summer, I was thinking more of exploring somewhere new. Upon further questioning, it was the daily sandcastle building and water play they’d like to repeat. So we need to be on the lookout for a route that includes lakes, rivers, or oceanfront.

I suggested bicycling across Washington to Glacier National Park in Montana. My daughter immediately vetoed that saying, “it will be uphill all the way.” She had learned that water flows to the Pacific from our side of the continental divide, so if it is flowing downhill, it follows that we’d be pedaling uphill to the Rockies. Ah.

So we’re talking and thinking, listing and discussing. The appetizer before the main course of actual adventuring, but it’s tasty too.

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