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I’m thankful for curiosity. I have kids who are interested in the world and can get excited about the contents of rocks (as in the photo), spying a wee little mushroom under some ferns, or what is over the next hill. I love that.

I’m thankful that their enthusiasm helps me notice life’s amazing details, and keeps us family adventuring into new places and experiences, where we meet new people and are reminded that our worldview is one among many.

I’m thankful that my kids are willing to adventure with their parents. Yes, we’ve entered the bring-a-friend stage, but they are also up for just the family. We’re thinking about a road trip this winter break, and they’re contributing ideas not complaints.

I wrote in my bio that I live with my “intrepid husband and two adventuresome kids.” I really do. I’m thankful for them, and all the other people out there giving family adventuring a try. Go team.

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