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Spring is Yellow

Even though the rain won’t quit, we’re outside more because it is light so much longer. Dana and I tandem bicycled home from her play rehearsal after 7pm and didn’t even need to turn on the bike lights.images-3┬áThe other brightness I’m noticing are the yellow flowers. Daffodils and dandelions, forsythia and scotch broom, plus the skunk cabbage I see in low wet places when I on road rides out of town. I wondered aloud to a gardener friend if yellows take less energy to produce, so they’re evident early. She tossed out the names of a bunch of non-yellow early flowers and only conceded that we see the pastel range now and more vibrant colors later.

It still seems to me that spring is yellow. And since I’m just not a gardener, I’ll admire those flowers in wild areas and other folks’ yards. Enjoying the details on my small adventures outside – not a bad way to wander.

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